Comments from clients:

Bac’s clients are diverse, including Bay Area homeowner remodeling projects, interior designers, architects, decorators, General contractors, businesses and residences requiring custom plaster work.

Thank you so much for painting my house and making it look so beautiful. Also for cleaning up the another person’s mistakes! Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future. Good luck with your art work.
Francis Moltley, Lafayette, California

You have been painting for us for over 10 years now, we will never let you go. Another stunning job, thank you very much.
Shirley Shalavi, Ross

Can’t tell you how pleased I am that you guys turned my big ugly room into a palace. As a company you are very easy to work with, which is a great perk when you, as I do, hate being disturbed. Such great changes in my home and at a no harassment price!
E Penfield, Retired, Tiburon

Annie asked me to convey how pleased she is with the work that was done. She couldn’t be happier. You were efficient and tidy and did a wonderful job!
Sunrise Home Furniture Store, San Rafael

What I can say about Bac is based on personal experience. …Some years ago he did the interior of my home and it has been…. and continues to be a remarkable job. I wanted to have one wall in the entertainment segment of the living room look like a feeling of an Old Opera House and well you would have to see it but I asked for it to look like Red Leather and my gosh it really does. He is truly an artist of the highest caliber.
Mark Sterns, Novato

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